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О нюрнбергских трибуналах и знаках припинания

Вот ведь как бывает: непонятно почему, но точка запятой появляется в аутентичных текстах (анг. , фр.), в то время как в русском -запятая! И именно запятая -меняет смыл и является верной в предложении! Об этом и о других подробностях - ниже под катом в Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes: Nullum Crimen Sine Lege and the Subject Matter Jurisdiction of the
International Criminal Court By Machteld Boot Published by Intersentia nv, 2002 ISBN 905095216X, 9789050952163
708 pages
виде скриншота из гуглнукс и фрагмента текста.
Initially, before the trial began, the requirement that these offenses had had to be committed in connection with another crime within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal only applied to "persecution." at least, according to the English and French draft versions of the Charter. I he Russian version, however, contained a comma between the words "before or during the war'aitd "or persecutions" which would extend the requirement to all crimes against humanity. It is not clear how the semicolon appealed in both the English text and the French text of the Charter but, because the preparatory work suggested that the drafters had intended to narrow the scope of crimes against humanity within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal to those connected with the war,38 the insertion of a semicolon instead of a comma seems to have been a mistake. Eventually, the difference between the three, all authentic, texts was changed by the Berlin Protocol in which the parties agreed that "the Russian text is correct, and that the meaning and intention of the Agreement and Charter require that the said semi-colon in the English text should be changed to a comma, and that the French text should be amended ..."39 A connection with a crime against peace (Article 6(a)) or a war crime (Article 6(b)) was now required for both crimes against humanity of the "murder" type and "persecution." This distinction between two types of crimes against humanity, has been applied as such in Count Four of the Indictment as well as in the Judgment.

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Вот такие законопроекты сразу после захвата власти хунтой предложены zgenia44 2014-03-14 18:25 (UTC) На фоне того,что хунта вытворяет,они как бы между прочем приняли ряд законопроектов ,которые на широкую публику не афишировались. Вот например 1. Лишение Киева статуса город-герой…
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